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Hey everyone! Well! Well well well well well!!! I’m pretty damn excited about what I discovered last night! And now Chloé’s asked me to keep quiet for the moment, I feel like a little kid who knows a secret and is doing everything he can to stop himself from blurting it out! (Though I must admit the sadist in me is enjoying making your mouths water!) But little kids with secrets always end up revealing something to show off. So I’ll end this post by telling you to make very sure you don’t miss the Foundation’s briefing this evening, and with these two final words:

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06/20/2012, Belgrad


Audrey and Gaël are making good progress in Belgrade. At my end, I’ve been continuing my research online, still focused on that video. I’ve managed to get in touch with the guy who posted it, Ivica Milinkovic. He told me he was near the park by the university that day when he heard people shouting for help (the 3 people in the video and another 3 or 4 close by). There wasn’t much he could do other than call the emergency services and try and calm them down. That’s when he noticed they’d been filming with the cellphone belonging to the girl, Mariana. Before the ambulance arrived, he emailed himself the video so he could put it on Facebook.

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I know What You Did Last Summer

Well, I’d like to know what they did last summer…

I’ve been holed up in my hotel room all day following the conversations between Audrey, Chloé and Gaël. I spent basically the entire afternoon learning about Greek mythology, based on what the Community has discovered. It’s interesting stuff but I wasn’t really getting anywhere to be honest, so I decided to go stretch my legs in Donetsk. I only just got back but I’ve watched the video of our cute little brunette’s discussion with the students. And fuck me, that’s some crazy shit! What the fuck were MHD-6 doing in their lab?! In a way, it’s almost a shame the blackout happened during the holidays – there would have been more students to question otherwise! I’m sure I can find something on the net. Looks like I’ll be online till late – if you come across anything your end, let me know.

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Sum Up

Hey! I just saw that the Foundation mentioned me at their meeting! I’m kinda reeling right now. Welcome to my blog, anyway! I’ve put together a little montage of videos that I made in Donetsk in July and August to give you an overview of my investigation this summer. Basically, I was in the right place at the right time.

Sum up f100003246905659

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Press start !

Press start

Hey everyone! Well I’ve spent a real crappy October trudging around in Donetsk,but thanks to everyone who’s helped me from afar. Unfortunately none of the leads you’ve sent me has amounted to much. Anyway, I’m ready for some sightseeing now – I’m going to check out some of the places mentioned in local legends! Beyond Donetsk Reality!

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Hey everyone,

First off, I’m sorry I haven’t updated my blog since I’ve been back in Donetsk. I’ve been following up some promising leads that a couple of you very kindly sent me by email, but unfortunately no luck so far. Anyway, that’s not why I’m writing. Lauren sent me an email. She’s found a weird site that seems to have been set up just recently by a bunch of hackers:


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Donetsk, part 2

Donetsk part2

Hi guys

This might surprise you, but I’m writing those lines from Donetsk. Unfortunately I can’t give you the details of my decision to get back here.  What I can tell is : I got some information that gave me all the reasons to believe that if something is to be found, it’s here.

I took the plane sunday evening.  It was actually kind of a release…The least you could say is that Lauren and I weren’t in good terms those days…

Anyway…I decided to stop posting trivialities…that shit got way too crazy to allow it. For now on, I’ll only share relevant news with you guys.

As always, don’t hesitate to mail me If you think you have a track or any kind of clue.


Paris, 08/15


Yesterday, I just dropped my bags off at the hotel. I went directly from the airport to the cafe where I met Lauren. She’s really sweet, and pretty hot, which certainly doesn’t hurt!

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Hi everyone, once again I’m sorry, I haven’t posted for so long, but it’s been a week since I last had internet access.
I’m worn out, I keep one wandering between towns with unpronounceable names, and I’m sick and tired of mud and canned sauerkraut. I haven’t found anything about our case, but talking to locals has given me enough stuff to write a whole series of thrillers on the mysteries of the Ukraine.
It seems like everyone here is nuts! I’ve heard all kinds of stories about invisible monsters, evil witches, clandestine Satanist sects, underground military bases belonging to non-existent countries, UFOs that only vodka-soaked locals can see, and more…
Honestly I’m kind of lost and don’t really have the heart to keep on digging when there’s nothing to find. I’m out of cash, my legs are killing me, and all I want is to take a nice bath and then go to sleep.
I’ll let you know if the Loch Ness monster shows up.

One of your old favourite songs from way back when

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